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​Here at the Ultimate Beauty Of The World, we do not stereotype or discriminate, we do not brand you as a number nor do we overlook your individuality, WE look at you as an individual and are extremely interested to hear what you have to say.

We encourage all Juniors, teens and seniors to enter regardless of your shape, size or height. You don’t have to have ANY experience within the world of pageantry; The Ultimate Beauty Of The World supports you throughout your journey causing you to feel comfortable and special. We promote freedom of choice and have adapted rounds to ensure you have your time on stage.

We support culture and heritage to which we will give you the chance to represent your Country on stage at this years spectacular Grand Final on 27th/28th July 2018 @ The Seagoe Hotel Portadown.

OVER A 2 DAY EVENT, The Ultimate Beauty Of The World hosts a weekend of fun for all finalists.

Friday 27th July- Interviews, rehearsals, The Ultimate Beauty Of The World photoshoot and PAGEANT PARTY.

Fun event in the evening with DJ Stevie.

Saturday 28th July- The Ultimate Beauty Of The World Grand Final.


The Ultimate Beauty of  The World 2018  is a beauty pageant with a cause, supporting the Make A Wish Foundation Charity each contestant will learn the values of having a voice when wearing their official Sash and Tiara, with being able to grab the public’s attention all our finalists will have to use their title to benefit such a great cause.

Within the past three years we have raised over £71,000 for charity!!!!!

All efforts will be greatly appreciated! We have two titles to be won by those girls who go the extra mile.

The Ultimate Miss Charity:

This fabulous title will be won by the contestant who raises the most money for The Make A Wish Foundation, we fully support this title and believe that it is extremely meaningful. The Ultimate Miss Charity will receive a gorgeous Sash and Tiara along with a bouquet of hand crafted flowers.

The Ultimate Beauty Ambassador:

This well-earned title will be won by the contestant who uses their title to the best of their ability, you can become a local celebrity through press interviews, radio and television appearances, event organising and charity work all you need to do is be creative and document wearing your sash to as many events as possible. This is how Taylor-Rae started her career, Each girl can tie their charity work in with the Ultimate Beauty Ambassador title.

What sets us different from all other pageants is that we actually do care about you and your best interests we encourage each girl to get involved within these titles as they will teach them the values of helping and developing confidence through speaking and communicating with others.

Within this event you will make many friends, gain valuable skills and start of or expand your career in pageantry and modelling!!!

Here are The Ultimate Beauty Of The World  we hope to hear from you soon, ALL application forms are welcome and we believe that every young girl deserves to gain the experience of a lifetime!

This is YOUR time to become the Ultimate Beauty that you have always wanted to be!!!!!!