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*Represent your heritage:

If your parents/Grandparents are born in a different country from yourself, you are more than welcome to represent your family heritage on stage. 

For example, You live/born in Northern Ireland however your Mum is from England. 

Your title can be: The Ultimate Beauty Of England 2019


Terms and Conditions

 Please read carefully


Apply now to REPRESENT your Heritage...

 Enter Online:

1. Enter online- Fill out form in great detail

2. If successful you will be contacted by a member of staff and congratulated on becoming a finalist Via email.

3. You will then be required to pay a holding deposit of £80 online via paypal/bank transfer up until 7-10 working days after contact. 

4. After the deposit another £85 payment can be paid online up until May 2019. Your official sash will be posted to yourself and your tiara will be presented on the evening of the Grand Final.

Information booklet will be emailed to yourself.

To participate within The Ultimate Beauty Of The World, you must meet and agree to all the requirements set out in the competition rules set out below.

1. Main contest entrants must be aged 5+yrs old on 19th  July 2019

2. Contestants who are married or have children are welcome to enter the contest..

3. There must be nothing in your background that could bring the contest or its sponsors into disrepute.

4. Must not bring any shame to the pageant.

5. You must not be late for any events.

6. You must either be born or have heritage I.e Parents/Grandparents from the COUNTRY that you are representing within The Ultimate Beauty Of The World ( There may be more than one person representing each Country)

7. The Ultimate Beauty Of The World company and Director- Taylor-Rae Hamilton cannot hold liability or responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur throughout the competition.

8. Your sash and tiara belongs to The Ultimate Beauty Of The World beauty pageant and must NOT be used in relation to any other beauty pageants or modelling agencies.

9. If you are selected as The Ultimate Beauty Of The World Winner you will receive a fabulous holiday voucher for the WINNER only for ONE night hotel break and Disneyland Paris ticket for one day access. ( FLIGHTS are NOT included, All travel arrangements are your responsibility ) If you wish to accept the cash prize of £300.00 instead you can do so.  

10. THOSE SELECTED TO BECOME AN ULTIMATE BEAUTY FINALIST MUST PAY THE SPONSORSHIP FEE of £169.00 by May 2018 (Any sponsorship money paid cannot be refunded) Deposit money of £85.00 must be paid via Paypal immediately after acceptance email. All deposit money cannot be refunded. 

11. All images taken of yourself can be used by The Ultimate Beauty Of The World via online, facebook, website, leaflets etc..

12. You MUST inform the Ultimate Beauty team via email of ALL appearances and charity events you attend or organise:

13. You must treat The hosting venue with respect, any damage caused within the Seagoe Hotel by yourself will be at your own cost.

14. All finalists will receive their very own finalist sash to which can be used for appearances and charity events.

15. You must have permission from the photographer to use any photo you submit with your entry form.

16. If selected for the grand final, you must have a valid passport to travel and will be responsible for organising the necessary Visa documentation for travel to Northern Ireland. All travel arrangements and expenses are your own responsibility to and from Disneyland Paris.

17. By applying for the contest, you are confirming that you suit all criteria set out above and fully understand the rules and requirements, and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

18. Should you be found to have broken any of the above rules, you will be removed from the competition. No refunds will be given for any monies already paid, so please ensure you read all rules and Terms & Conditions thoroughly prior to submitting your application. Should you be removed and have associated parties and sponsors requiring a refund, this will be at your own personal expense and not the responsibility of  The Ultimate Beauty Of The World.

19. All sponsored prizes are not accountable for.

20. DEPOSIT OF £80 MUST BE PAID within 7-10 working days after contact. ( Non refundable )

20. You must attend The Ultimate Beauty Of The World Grand Final to receive your finalist tiara.

21. If you were to WIN The Ultimate Beauty Of The World you will not be allowed to hold any other title throughout your reign. You must also promote The Ultimate Beauty Of The World via social media and personal display. It would be your duty to work through your title.

22. You must not hold an existing International Title or be involved in any other beauty pageant whilst you are an ultimate beauty of the world grand finalist.

23. If you were to win The Ultimate Beauty Of The World 2019 title, You MUST make 5 of your own appearances wearing your crown and sash.