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Skylia turner
Age 7
How did you feel when you won the ultimate beauty of the world
I was in shock and was overwhelmed and didn't believe I'd actually won miss charity of the took a while to sink in but I realised I'd made a big achievement that I'd raised 1696 pounds for Make a Wish foundation and I'd a lot to be proud of gave me lots of confidence and I worked so hard and earned my title


Be yourself and always look out for others remember beauty comes from within as well as from the outside , anyone wanting to take part just do it as the ultimate beauty of the world are one big pageant family they genuinely care for each and every one. True beauty will show through your kind loving caring ones self . Be your self be unique be you .

Favourite Memory :
The pink party making new friends and being able to get to know everyone and meet and greet my past and present beauty queens my favourite part was also getting to dress up a a princess for not just one but two days and getting to wear four stunning dresses . I enjoyed getting photos taken with other contestants and Jolieanna from miss British Empire also with Taylor-Rae Hamilton and Leesa Hamilton the pageant directors .

How to use your title :
I plan to raise money for charities like make a wish foundation and maybe help with other charity work. I will do my utmost to support the ultimate toy appeal. I have made an appearance and will continue to do so to aid my work for my reigning year .wanting to help make a difference in the w got me to where I am today as when I was a finalist I helped with the homeless I used my finalist sag to get sponcered food to donate to the homeless and used my title to have clothes donated to give to the welcome centre in belfast to provide some help to the homeless also . Being myself has got me a lot more confidence and self esteem to take me to where I am today.

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Name: Bethany-Kate Tegan Bayliss Age: 19 years

How did you feel when you won MIss Charity:

She'll shocked. I honestly was not expecting it at all. When the shock subsided a little, I felt so proud and happy. I had worked so hard and to know that my hard work had paid off and will now help someone, its indescribable. Advice: Go for it. You have nothing to loose. Ultimate Beauty of The World is such an inspiration and an amazing experience. It's helped me boost my confidence and I have made so many friends. I never pictured myself as a pageant person before and never really felt 'pretty enough' for it. But here I am and I wouldn't change it for anything. Be yourself at all times and show your creativity, passion and drive. That's what everyone looks for in beauty. What makes you, YOU.

Favourite memory:

My favourite memory has to be at the Pink Party. My sister, Georgina Bayliss and fellow teen contestant Elizabeth Tomlinson decided to do a cheerleading stunt in the hallway of the hotel. All three of us had a background in cheerleading so Elizabeth and I threw Georgina up in the air and brought her back down again. That was just so much fun, making that memory.

How to use your title: I plan to use my title to raise money for charity as well as awareness of what these charities do. I fundraiser a lot for Make-a-Wish and Macmillan. I also what to show people that sometimes life has a funny way of working. I aim to be an example for young girls that you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to. And to also remember that being 100% true to yourself is the best kind of beauty there is.

Name Anna Wolfe Age 41 

How did you feel when you won the ultimate beauty of the world? Well to be honest as there were so many other beautiful girls there inside and out and who worked even harder than I did as I had to take a more alternative approach to fundraising etc. during the year as a finalist . I was quite shocked and thought I was in trouble for a split second because normally people only call my name when I did an uh oh. So the other contestants had to basically push me out to walk when my name was called because I was a bit stunned as I wasn't expecting it in the very least and still am to this day that I would be so lucky and fortunate! What advice do you give anyone wishing to enter? Just be yourself and in the lead up trying to get to know as many of the other contestants and their families as possible and you'll make a lot of fast friends and friends for life, The crown in the sash is just material and the event may only be two or three days but what you get out of the whole experience lasts a lifetime and believe me you won't regret it I also highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone during this year as a finalist and trying something new maybe taking a few things off your bucket list or raising money for charity as well and just again be yourself and enjoy the whole experience and don't take it too seriously all the time or you really miss what matters, the true meaning of the ultimate beauty system. What was your most favorite memory within the ultimate beauty of the world? My most favorite memory within the system is the fact that after months and months of talking to so many wonderful people online I got to meet them in person face-to-face and we got on like a house on fire, fast friends just like we've never been apart and learning about so many different peoples ethnicities cultures families just the diversity and every day lives really which I also took as a learning experience and still use things I've taken away from that day today. I would like some more cookies though LOL!! I wish to use my title to spread more awareness of the charity we represent in the kids behind that charity making memories that will last a lifetime like I said done and I'll say now the goal isn't to live forever but to create something that will and I think the system represents that in a stellar way. The memories, the smiles and the relationships will all last a lifetime and I would also like to raise more awareness of the system so it can become bigger and better yet every year I also wish to use my title to say if I can do it so can you as I'm not rich, i'm no oil painting, i'm just me and average every day Gail and I would like to break the stereotype and the misconception that you have to be a certain way to enter pageants or be involved and pageantry. Everyone is welcome regardless of race creed body type gender you name it open to everyone just like me your average every day gal. I've been those kids that we represent on that hospital bed I know with those kids feel like and are going through and hopefully my experiences on both sides of the fence will help future queens to have even greater understanding, empathy, compassion and tolerance. Plus I hope to use my title to be able to give those kids a good hug or two and tell them it's all right and answer any questions if they see my scars maybe give them a little bit more courage than they already have which is going to be pretty hard to do