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Age: 32

Senior Miss Charity of the world 2016
Senior Miss Personality of the world 2016

My ultimate beauty experience was sensational.  Its up there as one of the best days of my life.  As a whole its not just the experience its what I have gained and that is a new family.  I have developed the most amazing friendships and I have learnt the true meaning of inner beauty.
Each person made me feel like part of the team.  We wernt there to compete, we were there to have an amazing time making memories that will last a lifetime.  The support I received from each finalist along with their extended families was something I will never forget.
Personally as a mum of 3 my main focus like any mummy was to put my children first. The ultimate beauty give me my individuality back as not just a mummy but as me as a person.  Getting dressed up for the first time since my wedding day in a fabulous dress, having my hair and make-up professionally done made me feel like a million dollars and has for the first time shot my confidence and self belief through the roof.
The experience was mind blowing and that to me is priceless!!

Winning the title of Senior Miss Charity of  the world was a complete shock and and absolute honour. Winning this title wasn’t just a winning for me it was for each and every single person who donated and helped me and my daughters to raise a fantastic amount of £855.70  for Make A Wish Foundation.

Winning the title of Senior Miss Personality was very special to me as I got recognition for “being me” as a person.

The best advice I could give to anyone wishing to enter would be just go for it. What I have learned is that age,size or background doesnt matter, your are an equal to each person who walks that stage with you.  The feeling you get when you walk off that stage is an overwhelming sence of accomplishment and self worth and a feeling of you could take on the world.
Being able to take part with my two daughters was amazing and I would recommend it to any mother and daughter. It has built as special bond between us and im now “the cool mummy” hee hee

I have gained so much from from my time with The Ultimate Beauty Of The World and im very excited to see what this year holds. Bring on 2017 so I can get back up there and experience it all over again.


Junior Miss Charity of the World.
Raised for Make A Wish Foundation:£4548.00

My experience in the Ultimate Beauty of the World  was absolutely AMAZING! This was my very first pageant and I couldn't believe how kind everyone was to me! I felt so welcomed by everyone. Taylor-Rae and Lisa are two lovely ladies and really made me feel confident.

When I won Miss Charity I was over the moon! Having such an amazing title will bring back such great memories.

Smile, be confident and you are beautiful inside and out!

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Age: 18yrs

 Teen Miss Charity Of The World 2016

Teen Ultimate Beauty Of The World Ambassador 2016 

Raised for Make A Wish Foundation: £2650.00

My experience of the Ultimate Beauty Of The World was absolutely amazing. From the minute the final started, we were treated with the upmost respect from the youngest junior, to the eldest senior. It was a superb event, fantastically organised! One of the best things was meeting new friends and their wonderful families.

When they announced that I had won, I was speechless and I was absolutely delighted to have be crowned Miss Charity. Knowing the work I had done over the past 3 months for the  "Make A Wish" foundation was just amazing and now I had been rewarded by receiving the title. Beauty with a purpose was and is truly the meaning of this pageant.
Then straight after winning Miss Charity the next announcement was the Miss teen Ambassador which I won. I was in absolute shock, it was the icing on the cake.

My advice to girls who are thinking of entering the 2017 contest would be to definitely sign up, it is a wonderful pageant and an amazing experience for everyone, it's not a stereotypical beauty pageant, it's all about the person you are and the beauty from within. It has boosted by confidence and I am so happy with the person I have became because of the Ulitimate Beauity of the World. My advice to everyone is "just go for it".