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Name; Erin Reilly

Age; 17

How did you feel when you won the UBOTW;

I felt overwhelmed, shocked and a great sense of achievement. I felt proud of myself for how hard I worked for the title.


I strongly recommend that anyone hoping to do this; JUST DO IT! It is an amazing organisation and from the beginning you can just feel the sense of community and friendship. My only advice when you are in the competition is to be yourself because true beauty will always shine through no matter what the situation is.

Favourite memory;

I think by a landslide my favourite memory is from the opening round because my train on my dress was too long and my heels kept catching in my dress and I was worrying in case It tripped me and Joyce (Ultimate Beauty of the World 2017) helped me and came up with the solution to fix my dress and I was so grateful because it just made me feel like everyone was so helpful and wanted everyone to do well.

How to use your title;

I want to use my title to show everyone that anything is possible, no matter how much you think you can't achieve your dreams, that I am a living example and I hope to use my title to my full potential and be an example to any upcoming Beauty Queens.

Joyce Capellen

How did you feel when you won the Ultimate Beauty of the World?
It was indescribable. It truly was amazing, I didn’t expect it at all. There were so many beautiful girls inside and out that I never thought I would win it. The most important thing for me was just have fun that weekend, learn a lot of the organization and the other girls and see and meet different people, cultures and countries. I had it all and winning the title was something I will never forget! [❤]
What advice do you give to anyone wishing to enter?
Be yourself and enjoy. Make the best of every second you have and the most important thing is to be proud of who you are and what you do. You are amazing just the way you are. Never change that!
What was your most favorite memory within the Ultimate beauty of the World?
In Holland we don’t have a junior category so that was new for me, but also amazing. I had so much fun with the little girls, playing games backstage, help them get ready and jumping on stage before interview. My favorite memory were everyone I have met that weekend and the warm feeling you all gave me! You all have a special place in my heart.
How do you wish to use your title?
I want to give a statement that you always have to be yourself and be proud of who you are. I want to learn girls to be confident and proud and always keep trying and never give up to achieve your dreams. Because if you want it and never give up you can make your dreams come true.

Name : Jasmine Parker
Age 7

How did you feel when you won ubotw:
When they called my name it was mixed emotions, shocked at first then happiness with a sense of great accomplishment. It showed me if you work hard enough and want something enough you can achieve it.

I would tell anybody to just do it even just once the experience has given me so much confidence. You just need to have fun and be yourself. The girls are great everybody comes together like a big family.

Favourite memory :
I really enjoyed the pink party which was the night before the pageant. I sang frozen let it go to everybody and danced alot great fun. It was a great chance to meet all my new friends.

How to use your title:
I plan to use my title to raise money for charity, such as the ultimate toy appeal. I would like to raise the profile of the ultimate beauty of the world paegant. I will do this though public appearances and just being myself. Being my self got me to where I am today